Best Gelato in Santorini

If you visit a hot country you would definitely want to eat gelato / ice cream,  hopefully to have the most de…

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Dinner in the sky Athens

There are a lot of great location restaurant in the world. This time, I would like to introduce a very unique …

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One day in Athens

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The Athens Gate Hotel

We have stopped by at Athens, Greece before visiting Santorini.Our arrival in Athens was in the evening, so ou…

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Perivolas Hotel Santorini

Once home to fishermen and farmers, the suites were transformed into luxurious cave dwellings by local craftsm…

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About me


Born in January 11th 1992, Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.
I was born and raised in Japan.
But since 2016 moved to Munich Germany.
I got interested in traveling foreign countries when I was young since my grandfather was an American and my parents loved to travel abroad. I am enthusiastic towards taking photos of beautiful sights when I am traveling. Currently, I mainly travel Europe. Unauthorized copying blog phots are prohibited.