Rainbow Drive-in

I always have a plate lunch every time I stay in Hawaii. I love Hawaiian plate lunch. There is a famous plate …

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My favorite Shrimp Trucks in Oahu

Garlic shrimp – originated in the North Shore is a shrimp fried with garlic oil, farmed in Kahuku. If yo…

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6 Stylish Cafés in Oahu

Happy New Year and hello 2019! I went back to Japan for about one month and came back to Munich just now! So a…

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About me


Born in January 11th 1992, Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.
I was born and raised in Japan.
But since 2016 moved to Munich Germany.
I got interested in traveling foreign countries when I was young since my grandfather was an American and my parents loved to travel abroad. I am enthusiastic towards taking photos of beautiful sights when I am traveling. Currently, I mainly travel Europe. Unauthorized copying blog phots are prohibited.