Auer Dult


“Auer Dult” is held three times a year. I found one of the most cutest Poland pottery in this market!!

What is Auer Dult

Auer Dult is Munich’s oldest market which is also the largest crockery market in Europe.

This traditional fair has been held every year since 1905,  lasting nine days which draws up to 300,000 visitors annually.This market could be enjoyed widely from children to the elderly.

It is held three times a year, MaiDult (Spring), Jakobidult (Summer), and Kirchweihdult (Autumn).

This event consists of three section: Market, Entertainment, and Bier garden

Polish pottery

There were various type of dish/plates, antique, sundry articles, old books, and traditional German outfits…etc.

Among all, what I have bought this time is “Polish pottery“. If I could, I want to buy them all!!

This is the best place for some good shopping. It is definitely worth a visit! Have a good time in Auer Dult❤️


Auer Dult in 2019

Maidolt(Spring): 27 April – 5 May

Jakobidolt(Summer): 27 July – 4 August

Kirchweihdult(Autumn): 19 October – 27 October

Open: 10:00 - 20:00 (Kirchweihdult : 7pm)
Entertainment: 10:30 - 20:00 (Kirchweihdult: 7pm)
Location: Mariahlif church