Dinner in the sky Athens

Dinner in the Sky in Athens Athens

There are a lot of great location restaurant in the world. This time, I would like to introduce a very unique sky dining restaurant called “Dinner in the sky“. This restaurant is attracting public attention around the world. It was good and a unique dining experience in Athens.

sky dining restaurant

Dinner in the sky is a Belgian based novelty restaurant service which uses a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waiting staff 150 feet into the air. It’s an exceptional platform venue floating in the air that can host some of the delicious meals, business dinners and corporate events of up to 22 guests. Currently deployed in various countries around the world. (More information website)

I reserved a 7:30pm dinner course meal on the one day of sightseeing in Athens. It’s held twice in the evening.( 7:30~Dinner, 9:30pm~Bar ) Foods were delicious and offers free refills for all drinks. Cost is 135 Euro(tax including)

Dinner in the Sky

If you are concerned about safety, each seat is securely attached to the table and offer a full lock in seat belt that secures your shoulders and waist. No need to worry, safety first when flying.

During dessert we saw the sunset. Sunset time is about 9:30 pm during summer time. I was able to experience  a beautiful sunset and great night view.  The Parthenon temple was also beautifully lighted up!!

Guest can enjoy a 360-degree view of Athens.  I was worry about dropping knife and fork..but have managed to eat without no problems because the table didn’t shake at all. If you need to use the restroom, just ask any staff and it will bring you all the way down within 10 seconds,  nice and smooth just like an elevator. There are a reclining chair which rotates both right and left. If you are a courageous person let’s give it a try!!

Dress code is smart casual. During cold and breezy nights, you may want to bring a light jacket as well.

This was a trip of just good experiences. Enjoy your experiences!!

Address: Technopolis, Athina 118 54, Greece
Dinner in the sky (Dinner in the sky)
Dinner in the sky Athens (Dinner in the sky Athens)