Best Gelato Store in Santorini

サントリーニ島のジェラート屋 Greece

If you visit a hot country you would definitely want to eat gelato / ice cream,  hopefully to have the most delicious and fashionable one in that place. So I would like to introduce the most delicious gelato in Santorini!


The most delicious in Oia, Santorini is Lolita’s Gelato. It is located near the bus station. Fashionable and the pink logo of the store is super cute!! They also have terrasse seats and free Wi-fi available.

It is famous for the taste itself, ranking number one in Oia’s restaurant.

Small cone / cup for 2.50Euro which you can select from two flavors. I tasted all the flavor and chose pistachio and yogurt at the end. Pistachio is the most popular flavor in this store which was super good!! This gelato has a texture like ice cream, smooth which makes it perfect under the heat of Santorini Island. Staffs were very friendly and provides good service too.



Address: Oia 847 02, Greece
Open: 10:30 - 21:30