Sunset view restaurant in Oia Santorini “Kastro Oia Restaurant”


Oia is famous for themost beautiful sunset in the world.Kastro Oia Restaurant is where you can dinner while watching the sunset. I think this restaurant very popular among tourists, so you will need a reservation.

Kastro Oia Restaurant

Because Santorini is in the shape of a crescent moon, it is only the tip of Oia where the restaurant is located is where you can see the most beautiful sunset. Seats are terrace only. I was surprised that all seats were fully booked when I was there. Due to the limited number of seats, reservation is required.

You can also enjoy the sunset at the Oia castle sunset view point where a bunch of tourists gathers. In order to have a great view, you will need to be there couple hours before the sunset.

Either way I have decided to make a reservation at the restaurant, since it made more sense to enjoy the dinner and the sunset at the same time.


How to reserve

You can book by email at Make sure to include the date and time in either English or Greek.

Tip to book a good seat

Popular reservation time is around 19:30 to 20:00 of the best season from June to September .

You can’t book the exact position of the seat you want. It seemed like the seats are chosen randomly by the waiter. But in order to increase the chance to have the “good” seats. I recommend you to book before 19:00.

Definitely the most beautiful sunset ever seen.

There are tons of cats on Santorini. Are you watching the sunset too?🐈

Address: Oia 847 02, Greece
Open: 12 AM - 2 PM