Kaka’ako Street Art

Kaka’ako is located in between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu. It is an area of attention where redevelopment is rapidly in progress such as SALT, Street arts,  and trendy shops. Tourists find this area very cool which is a very hot spot at the moment.


In SALT consists of restaurants, cafes, and select shops named after the salt ponds which was valued like gold. Kaka’ako used to be a very important area back in the days.

In recent years more and more new shops are opening so I am personally very excited for the upcoming stores to open onwards!

Address: 691 Auahi Street Honolulu, HI 96813 (Parking Available)
Open: 10 AM - 9 PM

Street Arts

Kaka’ako has became one of the most popular spots in Hawaii by the colorful and cute street art.

It was originally known as a town full of warehouse but ever since artists started drawing/painting arts on the wall it began revitalizing the area! The drawings/paintings around the area will change little by little every year.

You can find the most popular monster art on the wall near the Mother Waldron Neighborhood Park, near SALT.

Although it might change throughout time, there are many different arts like the pictures above. Please try finding your favorite!

I am really looking forward to see how it will change in Kaka’ako. Why not try visiting when you are in Oahu, Hawaii!



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