The Garden Yves Saint Laurent fell in love, Marrakech’s “Jardin Majorelle”


The Jardin Majorelle which the designer Yves Saint Laurent loved. The beautiful royal blue decoration also known as “Majorelle Blue”, I was completely fascinated with the elegancy. I will be introducing the café inside this Garden as well.

Take a taxi to the “Jardin Majorelle”

The place I was excited about before coming to Marrakech was this Jardin Majorelle.

It is located in the new city area, which takes about 20 minuets with the Taxi from the Souk and Jemaa el-Fnaa.

It is common to negotiate the price in Morocco, even a Taxi. However, I do not recommend to take a Taxi from the Jemma el-Fnaa because, you will certainly get a rip-off.

I was warned from the hotel staff which I stayed in Riad not to take a Taxi from the Jemma el-Fnaa, but my plan was to eat lunch at the Souk and make my way to the Garden, therefore I had no options but to take a taxi from this Jemma el-Fnaa.

From my experience, I would not recommend getting a taxi here!

We negotiated the price before hoping into the taxi, for once I thought it would be fine but the driver took us to a totally different location saying, “This is the place you guys wanted to go, right? If not this place, you can’t go with that price.” At the end we ended up carpooling with some lady, who I think is a friend of this driver, who just barged in and did n0t pay for the ride. Honestly, I was shocked.

However, I thought to myself that this is normal because we are in Morocco, feeling very excited to experience this different culture.

Anyways, the price ended up higher than we negotiated, so be careful when you are choosing a taxi here! I had no issues going back to Riad from the Garden. Thanks to the driver.

The Jardin Majorelle

As soon as I arrived, I head straight to “Yves Saint Laurent Museum” which is just right next to the Garden. After buying a pair ticket to the “Yves Saint Laurent Museum“, it was perfect to come here first because, I got to learn the history of Yves Saint Laurent and his deep connection with the Jardin Majorelle.

You do not need to get in line to enter the Jardin Majorelle from this Museum so I recommend entering the Garden this way.

The first thing I saw was the bamboos and cactus from all over the world just matching with this atmosphere which was amazingly beautiful.

After walking through the cactus area were the Koi fish.

The decoration inside this Jardin Majorelle, “Majorelle Blue”, and the Koi fish just blends in making a chic atmosphere. There was a side walk surrounded by the bamboos which made me feel like a I was in a Japanese style garden. It was interesting how they have Koi and Bamboos.

They also had a space for guests to see Yves Saint Lauren’s artworks.

Café Majorelle

“Café Majorelle” is a beautiful café inside the this Garden.

The Jardin Majorelle is packed with tourists but this café was quiet and a perfect place to relax after enjoying a walk through the Garden. There is a Wifi and a bathroom too.


The Garden that fascinates people

Jardin Majorelle is a must go-to place when visiting Marrakech.

If you can not visit both “Jardin Majorelle” and “Yves Saint Laurent Museum”, my recommendation would be at least visit “Jardin Majorelle”.

This beautiful “Majorelle Blue” and the diverse cactus with surrounding bamboos making a unique atmosphere, made me love Marrakech more and more. Highly recommend place to visit.

Address:Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40090, Morocco
Open:8:00 - 18:30