Stay in a Moroccan Riad in Marrakech

I would recommend to stay in a riad if you are planning a trip to Morocco, which became a popular tourist destination in the recent years. Riad has became popular for a “Moroccan traditional  accommodation”. So I would like introduce the recommend riad in Marrakech with its charm and characteristic.

What is a Riad

The word riad’s origins from the Arabian term for garden and residence. A riad consists of a courtyard and rooms surrounding a water fountain and pool.

Many of the Riad in Morocco are located in the old town which has been renovated for tourists, along with the changes of lifestyles where people no longer lived in.

I was surprised about the location, which in general seems to be found in a complicated street which only the locals could find its way. But once you step your foot inside you will find a relaxing, exotic, and fashionable space which you could not imagine from the outside.

Where I stayed at the riad in Marrakech

The riad which I stayed was “Riad Melhoun & Spa” .

I have chosen this Riad among the many other options because of its Arabian styled architecture since this was my first time in an Islamic country. What I was looking for was a riad which has a courtyard pool and a roof terrace. I searched both on the internet and Instagram found Riad Melhoun & Spa” which matched perfectly for me! This riad was so beautiful.


 delicious foods

I was excited to have a Moroccan breakfast every morning. Breakfast is including in the accommodation of “Riad Melhoun & Spa“.

Dinner must be booked in advance. I had dinner on the day we arrived! Overall I think the food in riad was the best. The lights were lit up during the night with Arabian music which gave a very good atmosphere. It was like Arabian Night.


This riad has eight rooms. I stayed in a room called “AMESSAN” on first floor.

According to the staff, all rooms has been kept the way it was designed in order for the guests to experience the original riad. There are a lot of things to learn while traveling,  history and backgrounds of each country. It was good to know a part of the history and its background. Islamic architecture is really beautiful.


How was the riad in Marrakech? Staying in riad will definitely add a spice to  your Morocco trip! If you are planning to travel to Morocco, I really recommend staying in a riad.

Most riads has limited number of rooms so you will need to reserve at least 3 months before your trip! Don’t forget to make an early reservation.



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